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Broadening GERA's Membership and Programs
Pam Sunderland, Clean Water Land

The GERA Board has approved an initiative to expand its new member outreach and programs to engage more nonprofit natural resource conservation stakeholders. This group includes land trusts, conservancies, riverkeepers, educational institutions and others that essentially represent and promote the public interest in ecosystem services and restoration initiatives.

MYLU Roost Characterization - Final Year-1 Report

Alton Owens - A summary of Findings and a copy of the powerpoint presentation as presented at the Georgia Bat Working Group meeting this past December. We waited until we had gathered data from around the state to provide a comprehensive look at the status of the species in 2016. The presentation was prepared prior to record submittal by Mr. Michael Bender and does not represent his two MYLU captures this year. The Summary of Findings attached herein does include those records.

Landowners Receive Substantial Financial Incentives for Recreation Land Leases

Georgia’s Wildlife Resources Division received a grant that gives us a great opportunity to partner with private landowners! We can now offer substantial lease dollars in exchange for well-managed outdoor recreation access for the public. Whether you own 10 acres or 5,000 acres, we are interested in talking with you about leasing land for public access to hunting, fishing, or wildlife viewing. So far, we have created a wide variety of hunting opportunities for dove, waterfowl, deer, small game and turkey.

No Net Loss Presentation

Over 30 attended or called into the meeting at UGA on August 17th. IRT agencies, Land Trust, River keepers, Non Profits, UGA Students and Professors, and GERA all participated in the event. The goal was to layout how the study will be conducted. The upcoming meetings will be more about the data that is being collected. The legislative committee will be notifying GERA members of our next meeting when it is scheduled. If you have any questions, please contact Matt Peevy at or (404) 376-4698.

GERA 2016-2017 Activity Calendar

GERA Members,

2016-17 Activity Calendar

Membership Meetings
TBD July-2017

BOD Meetings
Q3 Sept-2016 Macon, GA Retreat
Q4 Dec-2016 Call / Mtg TBD
Q1 Feb-2017 Call / Mtg TBD
Q1 May-2017 Call / Mtg TBD

Committee Calls
Regulatory/Legislative 3rd Tues 9am
Membership Monthly Email Updates
Public Interest (Sub Committee) Monthly Email Updates
Technical 3rd Thursday 9am

Regulatory Committee USACE Meetings

2015 GERA Annual Membership Meeting

The 2015 Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday August 19th in Atlanta, Georgia. Interested in attending and did not receive an invite? Contact us at

We hope to see you there!

May 2015 Newsletter

The May 2015 Newsletter is available by clicking here:

January 2015 Newsletter

The GERA January 2015 Newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the following web link:

Banker Spotlight - AA Shaw, LLC.

AA Shaw, LLC, represented by long-term friends David Deason, Joe Usher, and Henry Blackburn, joined GERA in 2014 as a way to learn from other members' experiences in the industry as well as lend support for industry efforts.

Stream Restoration Construction: The Value in Pre-Qualifying (written by: Phillip Todd)

Stream restoration construction is highly specialized and vastly different from most other construction projects up for bid. As the science and implementation of stream restoration advanced, a fundamental need for contractors experienced in this specific area has been revealed. Therefore, it is valuable, and possibly critical, to hire and/or pre-qualify contractors.

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