MYLU Roost Characterization - Final Year-1 Report

Alton Owens - A summary of Findings and a copy of the powerpoint presentation as presented at the Georgia Bat Working Group meeting this past December. We waited until we had gathered data from around the state to provide a comprehensive look at the status of the species in 2016. The presentation was prepared prior to record submittal by Mr. Michael Bender and does not represent his two MYLU captures this year. The Summary of Findings attached herein does include those records.

The 2017 GBWG bat blitz is scheduled to be held in Union County and surrounding areas and we will be working with the bat blitz committee to potentially add a few survey sites (with acoustics) around Swallow’s Creek and the Hiawassee River MYLU capture sites from 2013. It has been incredibly difficult to keep pace with this devastating disease but we want to give these locations at least one more shot!

Thank you so much to everyone who provided support through monetary contributions(MRG, GA Power, GERA), equipment allocation (USFWS, USFS), and field work volunteer time (Pete!).

Email GERA Administrative support for the full Summary of Findings:

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